FNF Officers

Matt Gully
President – Chief Operating Officer
Matt has been with FNF since 1986 and has more than 35 years of heavy-civil construction experience. He has been FNF’s Chief Operations Officer for the last 16 years also serving on FNF’s Board of Directors. Matt was instrumental in capturing and implementing the operating principles and values on which FNF was founded and continues to thrive on. Matt was heavily involved in assisting Arizona with contractor-input to improve the quality of the paving smoothness specification. Consequently, under Matt’s leadership, FNF began a smoothness quality control program that made the company one of the smoothest paving companies in the entire country.

Matt is involved in various industry associations including the National Asphalt Pavement Association and the Associated General Contractors, and he is committed to the continual improvement of the heavy-highway construction industry.

David James
Chief Financial Officer
David James has been with FNF since 2004 overseeing the company’s Finance, Human Resources/Benefits, and the Information/Technology Departments. He has developed policies and procedures for FNF's team that have helped to shape FNF into the successful company it is today. David is also responsible for FNF's financial planning and manages the financial risks of the company.

David obtained his B.S. in Accounting, Business Administration, Personnel Management, and Organizational Behavior from the University of Kansas. With more than 34 years of financial experience with a concentration on the construction industry, he is able to provide the company with extensive business guidance. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP).

David is active in the local and national Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA); as well as committee involvement in other industry associations such as AGC, ARPA and ATRA;  He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, The Arizona Society of CPA’s, and Valley Leadership.

Cliff Ashcroft
Vice President – Asphalt Rubber/North Dakota
Cliff has been with FNF since 2000 overseeing the Asphalt Rubber and material contracts, primarily in the Southwest. Under Cliff’s management, FNF has been a leader in the Asphalt Rubber industry, making roads quieter, safer, and of higher quality. He has served as Project Sponsor for numerous Caltrans projects throughout the state. He has recently completed the expansion and resurfacing of the Laughlin Bullhead International Airport.

His experience over the last 20 years includes working with clients such as Caltrans, ADOT , NDOT, NJDOT, Ministry of Transportation of British Columbia Canada, Teichert Aggregates, Hanson Aggregates, DeSilva Gates, Syar Industries, Graniterock, Vulcan, and private developers.

Cliff is active in numerous associations including the Rubber Pavements Association and the National Asphalt Paving Association. His high level of involvement in these and other associations has made him an industry expert in Asphalt Rubber paving, allowing FNF to be innovative in our production and placement of the material.

Tom Kennedy, PE
Vice President – Texas Project Sponsor
Tom Kennedy has been an employee at FNF since 1996.  Tom is responsible for overseeing the projects in the growing Texas market.  Tom ensures the availability of adequate personnel and resources while handling all contractual matters.  Tom’s extensive quality background ensures that projects are constructed per contract specifications and is within compliance.

Tom earned a B.S. in Construction from Arizona State University. His more than 15 years of construction experience and attention to detail have enabled FNF to receive numerous quality incentives and accolades, including the Sheldon G. Hayes National Quality Award from the National Asphalt Paving Association.

Tom Billings
Vice President – Crushing and Paving
Tom has been with FNF since 1992.  Throughout his time with FNF, he has managed several large ADOT projects including award-winning US 60 widening Gilbert to Power and US 93 Hoover Dam, and A+B project, SuperRedTan TI Phase I.  Throughout Tom’s management career, he has been responsible for the successful completion of over 500,000 CY of riprap production and 7 Million tons of aggregate base and asphalt aggregates.  Tom received a BS degree in Construction from Arizona State University’s Del E. Webb School of Construction.

Byron Hubbard

Vice President – APDM
Byron has been with FNF since 1999.  Most recently, Byron has completed 11 CMAR and 15 General Contracting projects in Arizona.  Byron led the design phases of these projects saving project owners over $7 million through constructability reviews, phasing ideas, and value analysis proposals. Byron received a BS degree in Construction from Arizona State University’s Del E. Webb School of Construction.   

Shawn Sheble
Vice President – Project Sponsor
Shawn has been with FNF since 2003.  He specializes in structures and oversees the majority of FNF’s structures work.  He has extensive ADOT experience totaling over $500M in his more than 16 years in the industry.  Shawn’s bridge experience includes precast girder box culverts, CIPPT box girder, pre-cast/steel girder, pre-cast girder, steel girder, and slab span-CIP.  Shawn earned a B.S. in Construction Management from Arizona State University in 1999.

Rob Bottcher
Vice President – Project Sponsor
Rob has more than 30 years of industry experience with special emphasis on managing and directing large complex urban freeway projects and vehicle test track construction.  He has managed and overseen both DOT contracts and private owner contracts.  He has successfully completed and has vast knowledge in conventional design-bid-build construction as well as alternative delivery methods such as design-build and CMAR.  His dedication and commitment to partnering has earned some of his projects partnering awards that are given out by various project owners.

Rob earned a B.S. in Construction from Arizona State University, has been a Board Member of the Arizona AGC since 2008, and is the current Chairman.

Martin Ramirez
Vice President – Project Sponsor
Martin has been an employee with FNF since 1995 and is currently Vice President/Project Sponsor focusing on heavy/civil project pursuits and potential teaming/joint-venture opportunities with small businesses.  He has served as past Chief Estimator and Project Manager on Heavy/Civil projects for FNF ranging in size as large as $200 Million. Martin’s construction and industry knowledge coupled with subcontractor and vendor relationships gives FNF the ability to estimate and deliver projects as accurately as possible with an extremely high success rate in both low bid and negotiated projects.

Martin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction from Arizona State University’s Del E. Webb School of Construction in 1996.  Martin belongs to ASU’s American Minority of America program where he serves as a mentor to aspiring Engineers and current Del E. Webb School of Construction Students.  Martin is a past faculty associate for the school; teaching CON 494 – Heavy Civil Project Management and Heavy Estimating and is currently involved in a support role with the heavy-civil program at ASU.

James Anderson, Jr.
Vice President – Equipment Services Manager
Jim has more than 37 years of successful experience in heavy equipment maintenance, customer service, and support in preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and problem solving, customer support, and planning and implementing proactive measures and systems to avoid reoccurring issues.  Jim is proficient with technology and excellent working knowledge. He has the ability to train, motivate, and supervise office and service employees and is a team player with the ability to listen, understand, and lead. Jim possesses a working knowledge of heavy equipment that is utilized in the daily process of determining the purchasing and sales of machines.

Jason Ruskey
Vice President – Rail
Jason has over 25 years in construction with his career beginning as an operator and laborer before obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction from Arizona State University’s Del E. Webb School of Construction.  His vast practical heavy/civil project experience includes railroad, airports, intermodal facilities, mining, paving, bridges, and toll ways throughout the United States.  Jason’s notable projects include the Illinois High Speed Rail, accelerated bridge projects, bridge replacements, bridge steel and bearing repairs, maintenance and repairs of rail type structures, environmental remediation, and drainage and earthwork on hundreds of miles roadway.

Jason is active in the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) and National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRCMA).  Jason is committed to supporting our industry’s future and youth as a past faculty associate for Arizona State University and as an NCAA Certified Recruiter and volunteer baseball coach at the University of Illinois Springfield.