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FNF Receives Arizona Transportation Partnering Award

April 04, 2018

FNF project, SR 264 Burnside to Fish Wash, was selected to receive the 2017 Arizona Transportation Partnering Excellence Award presented at the 2018 Tucson Roads and Streets Conference in March.  This award recognizes partnership teams in the transportation industry that demonstrate a high degree of achievement through their practice of the Partnering principles and application of the Partnering processes related to the transportation industry.

Owner: Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)
Location: Apache County, AZ within the Navajo Nation
General Contractor: FNF Construction, Inc. (FNF)
Key Subcontractors: LS Fence, Speedie and Associates

About the Project: This pavement rehabilitation, widening, and bridge replacement project was located in Apache County on SR 264 within the Navajo Nation tribe.  The work included overlaying the existing pavement with asphaltic concrete, shoulder widening with asphaltice concrete over aggregate base, placement of AR-ACFC, and construction of a new bridge to replace the existing bridge.

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ltr: Dallas Hammit (ADOT), James Webster (Quality Testing LLC), Jose Hernandez (CEI), Beau Wagoner (ADOT), Mike Lynch (FNF), John Sikkema (FNF), Shawn Sheble (FNF), Dick Young (ADOT) Lynn Johnson (ADOT), Karla Petty (FHWA)

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