PhxMesa Gateway Airport Taxiway P

In October 2012, FNF began work on a $4.5M, 150-day contract at PhxMesa Gateway Airport to reconstruct Taxiway ā€˜Pā€™ and construct a new compass calibration pad. This project includes demolition of 27,000cy of existing PCCP; demolition of the existing electrical system; 10,000cy of excavation and embankment; 39,000sy of lime-treated base; 27,000sy of 16.5ā€ thick PCCP; 3,000sy of PCCP (10.5ā€ thick) with a special low ferrous mix design; 9000tn of asphaltic concrete; and a new electrical system. FNF Project Personnel: Matt Trembly, Project Manager; Brian Heck, Project Engineer and Brian Kelley, Project Superintendent