SuperRedTan T.I. Phase I

This ADOT project encompassed construction of the first phase of the major freeway interchange where the Superstition freeway meets the Santan and Redmountain freeways. This A + B fast-track project was bid by FNF to complete in only 230 calendar days. FNF achieved substantial completion in 229 days. The next closest bid was to complete in 456 days. This accelerated schedule was achieved by building a temporary bridge, which allowed the critical path earthwork to continue while a permanent bridge was constructed. This is a four-level interchange that has six major bridge structures on it. Two main line Loop 202 bridges were cast-in-place box girder bridges built on soffit fills. Two flyover bridges approximately 90 feet high were cast-in-place box girder bridges built on falsework and the two ramp bridges approximately 40 feet high were cast-in-place box girder bridges built on falsework. The project also included paving a six-lane mile long section of the US 60 freeway with Portland Cement Concrete Paving. Other main items involved were: MSE walls, concrete lined channels, reinforced concrete pipe, noise walls, light standards, overhead signing, and traffic control. FNF Construction also recycled all of the old concrete by crushing it and making aggregates for reuse on the project.

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