Superstition Freeway US 60 Widening from Gilbert to Power

The work consisted of widening the US 60, adding high occupancy and general purpose lanes. The work included roadway excavation; embankments; aggregate base; PCCP, asphaltic rubber concrete friction course; widening three concrete bridges; soil nail retaining walls; masonry sound walls; drainage facilities; signing and pavement markings; lighting; and a freeway management system. This project included site work, earthwork, compaction, paving, and retaining walls. The project was completed on schedule even though the project ended up with a 10% growth from the original bid price. The original scope of the project remained intact even with the owner-requested added value to the project. The partnership demonstrated on this project added value for all stakeholders involved. The contractor benefited because decisions were made in a timely manner allowing FNF to maintain their schedule and efficiency. ADOT and the City of Mesa benefited from the partnership as well. Closure notifications were turned in well in advance so the public could be notified. The work in these closures was maximized so that no further closures would be needed.

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